In every picture a person is hiding - Can you find him?



Insolvencies in the Nuremberg metropolitan region and their consequences for the people:

Despite its long and distinctive industrial culture, the Nuremberg region has had to experience several serious corporate bankruptcies in recent years: AEG, Rosenthal, Grundig or Quelle – big names. They, but of course also many smaller companies have disappeared – as have thousands of jobs.

Company closures have great consequences, both for the management, the workers, the suppliers and everyone else who is otherwise connected with the company. Especially the small drugstore “around the corner” closes down on the older fellow human beings are dependent. Or a supplier company also has to turn the personnel screw, because a big customer is missing.
The individual and social consequences for those affected are usually even more serious: loss of employment, psychological and health problems, disqualification, socio-cultural and social isolation, family tensions and conflicts, feelings of guilt, aggressiveness and, despite basic security, relative impoverishment. There is a very close connection between most of the consequences mentioned.

However, the consequences of unemployment are not limited to the unemployed themselves. Even for close relatives, unemployment can have a serious impact on prosperity, self-esteem, social standing and life chances. Ruins remain: both literally: large company premises and equipment stand fallow, but above all in personification of former employees.

I wanted to work on this topic for my bachelor thesis and photographically remind people and companies. I am particularly interested in the many employees who have lost their jobs and colleagues.

I have brought people to the former companies before they died. There they were painted so that they blend into their surroundings. Just as life and people have disappeared in the former companies, so the protagonists disappear in my paintings. The people photographed stand symbolically for all those who worked in the companies and spent a large part of their lives there. My pictures are meant to be both a reappraisal, a reminder and a warning.