Deutschland 21 is a photo project with the aim of portraying an interesting and extensive selection of people with different professions in their typical work clothes against one and the same photographic background.
At the end of the project there will be an illustrated book which is a mirror and document at the beginning of the 21st century.




Our profession and our work accompany and shape us throughout our lives. At a young age we embark on a professional career. Many people stick to their learned profession, others reorient themselves.

Many people choose a “proper profession” which secures their livelihood. Others follow their hearts a little more and perhaps take a more open or creative path. It is good when both overlap as much as possible.

The modern working world with all its facets has become complex and diverse.

I would like to show a series of pictures across all age and population groups with many different people and their professions. It should be a cross-section of society and the professional world at the beginning of the 21st century – a document of the times.

Examples can be found in the gallery below. In some professions you will find typical clothing, in others not. Guess who does what professionally…