The magic of a photo cannot even be guessed on the screen. Therefore I send my pictures on a journey. They want to be looked at, stared at, studied in the flesh! They want to confront their viewers face to face, experience their emotions, reactions, discussions. Make them happy and come along:


2nd half 2020:  Art Gallery Kulmbach

Exhibitions (selection):

2019: Museum of Communikation, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2018: kunstsupermART, Nuremberg, Germany
2016: NorthArt – International Art Exhibition, Hamburg/Buedelsdorf, Germany
2016: Orangerie, Strasbourg, France
2016: PhotoBiennale, Karlsruhe/Achern, Germany
2015: Kurier-Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2015: Museum of Industry and Culture, Nuremberg, Germany
2015: Nikon-Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
2014: Photo Spring Break, Künstlerhaus Nuremberg, Germany
2013: Bravour, Institute of Technology, Nuremberg, Germany
2012: photokina, Cologne, Germany
2012: Designers Night, Nuremberg, Germany
…and many others.