Displayced - Art in public space


If you want to see art, you visit museums or galleries. If you want to see advertising, you don’t really have to move far. It surrounds us. Whether in the daily newspaper, on the Internet or in the city: advertising without end. Large-format advertising posters are omnipresent. Not to be seen is almost impossible, confrontation is inevitable.

Why not think the whole thing differently for once? Art in public space. Art on advertising spaces.

In my project I put world-famous paintings on ordinary billboards and offer formal, aesthetic and content-related confrontations with the topics “display” and “displace”. They force a social reflection as well as a direct and unconventional perception. Familiar motifs are not only confronted with modern architecture and urban conditions, but also caricatured.

What would a Monet, a Carl Spitzweg or Caspar David Friedrich say about this? – Is advertising art? Or advertising for art?